Dirt Cheap Cigarettes

If you are currently a smoker and you are searching for dirt cheap cigarettes, you really need to consider switching to a e cigarettes because you will save so much more money.

The initial cost of buying a e cigarette starter kit might appear to be expensive because a start kit can go from anywhere from $40 to $80 but after a few months of using it, your cost of smoking dramatically when you consider that one nicotine cartridge is equal to one pack of cigarette.

Your average pack of nicotine cartridge usually comes with 5 cartridges and that sells for $12.99.  This means that you are paying $12.99 for 5 packs of cigarette or just $2.59 for a pack of cigarettes smoking with a e cigarette.

That is a dramatic saving and no dirt cheap cigarette exist for $2.59 cause of all the tobacco and smoking taxes that get imposed on traditional cigarettes.

For example, a pack of cigarette cost $11.90 in New York, $9.67 in Illinois, $8.30 in Massachusetts… well you get the idea.

You can save a shit load of money smoking a vapor e cigarette compared to a regular cigarette.

Fake Cigarettes Water Vapor

I have seen people refer to vapor e cigarettes as fake cigarettes with water vapor and I need to say something.  There is nothing fake about vapor e cigarettes.  They are an effective means to smoke.  They deliver your body nicotine.  It is a device to deliver nicotine and nothing more.  If you don’t currently smoke and you smoke vapor cigarettes, you will get addicted to nicotine.

Just because you don’t use a lighter does not mean it is fake.

Instead, with a e cigarette, the nicotine is converted into a water vapor.  The water vapor appears like a smoke but it is not smoke.  It is odorless.  The water vapor contains the nicotine that you inhale when you some a ecigarette.

So if you are looking for a cigarette that looks like a real cigarette and generate smoke but there is no nicotine, that is possible if you buy a no nicotine cartridge but anything short of that you are smoking a electronic cigarette that will deliver you the same amount of nicotine that you get when you lite up a smoke.

Do E-Cigarettes Yellow The Walls?

Unlike traditional cigarettes that stain your teeth and damage your surroundings and the clothes that you wear, e-cigarettes do not.

E-Cigarettes do not stain or yellow your walls because they don’t burn any chemicals, tobacco, or toxins to deliver your body nicotine.  This is what makes them an attractive alternative to those who smoke.  It allows the everyday smoker to continue to enjoy their nicotine needs without all the nasty and smelly parts that comes with smoking a traditional cigarette.

No one likes having bad breath.  No one likes their clothes, furniture, and home smelling like an ash tray.  E-cigarettes offers us this option because it burns nothing.  No matches is ever lit.  Instead, when you puff on a e-cigarette, the sensor tells the battery to charge the nicotine solution and vaporizes so that it is converted into a water vapor.  The water vapor is the vessel through which the nicotine is delivered to your body.  You inhale it just as if it is smoke but it is not real smoke.  It visually appears to look like smoke but it is not.  It is an odorless water vapor that goes away within a few minutes.

So it doesn’t leave your walls yellow.  It doesn’t stain your teeth yellow either.  So your teeth don’t get severely damaged like with regular cigarettes.


Dangers of E Cigarettes

Let me start off my new blog with this statement.  If you are worry about the dangers of e cigarettes then don’t smoke.  If you aren’t currently smoking – don’t start.

Smoking is bad for you.  If you don’t know and are searching to find out if e cigarettes are bad for you then just stop right there.

E cigarettes offer an alternative way to smoking.  Personally, I think they are less dangerous than real cigarettes.  I been smoking for a long time and am addicted to nicotine.  I need my nicotine.  I don’t care for the smell of cigarettes and hate how my breath smells from it.  I am super self conscious about my breath.

So e cigarettes were a great opportunity for me to maintain my nicotine habit without all the things that I hate about regular cigarettes.

So for me, e cigarettes were less dangerous but that is because I already smoke so anything less than having to inhale those fucking dangerous flumes is a plus.

If you are asking if e cigarettes pose any additional dangers than ecigarettes then I am happy to tell you NO!


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